Thursday, 30 May 2013

Vintage Christmas 3

What a rather busy Bank Holiday weekend!!
I shouldn't complain really, the weather was fantastic (I can't say that anymore, it's raining & cold now)
We went for a lovely meal at a local pub called The Grazing Cow, which specialised in Rotisserie!
Yummy! Check out the welcoming steel artwork!
This cow has the most incredible eyelashes ever :D
We also spent a looong day in sunny Windsor at Legoland!
Yep, we are crazy about these little plastic bricks :)
(Especially hubby!)
We drove past the Windsor Castle & the Queen must have been in residence as the flag was out!
I also found time to make some rhubarb jam and bake some cupcakes with my son
You're guessing correctly, they were yummy & they are all gone!
Despite this busy weekend, I also found time to stitch a bit of course!
Here is my latest progress on Vintage Christmas from CCN
Apologies, I didn't press my fabric before the photo shoot session...
Happy Stitching!
Mii x

Quel weekend!
Je n'ai pas vu passé ce jour férié
Petites sorties restau & Legoland
Session cuisine ou j'ai fais de la confiture de rhubarbe & des cupcakes avec mon petit monstre!
J'ai aussi trouvé le temps de broder quelques petites croix sur Vintage Christmas de CCN
Un vrai régal, les couleurs sont toutes douces!
A tout à l'heure...

Monday, 27 May 2013

Coeurs en Boites 2

I am so pleased, it took me a whole 2 weeks of non stop stitching
but Coeurs en Boites from Carton Marie was finished on Saturday.

As it is a Bank Holiday here in UK, I can't mail this until Tuesday
but I'm sure Mummy Mii won't mind having her Mother's Day present a few days late!

Stitched on white 18 count zweigart fabric
and DMC 470 Olive Green & 3820 Maze Yellow

Here it is finished as a cushion (yet again!)
Hubby found the perfect matching fabric at the local shop

I believe it would have looked nicer framed but I then realised
it would have got damaged in the post
So I opted for the safest option: a cushion!

I hope Mummy Mii will like it!!

Happy Stitching!
Mii x

Coeurs en Boites de Carton Marie est fini!
2 semaines de broderie non-stop mais
mon petit cadeau de fete des mamans est pret!

Travaillé sur toile aida sweigart 18
et brins DMC 470 & 3820

Finition avec tissu cotton et petit bouton coeur

A tout à l'heure...

Thursday, 16 May 2013

1 Year Blog Anniversary Giveaway

The 28th June 2012 was my first blog post

Amazing how things have changed since!!!

My stitching tastes have changed,
I found out that it's OK to stash
(and don't we all LOVE to stash!),
I'm a bit more adventurous with my finishes
(that is if you like cushions & ornaments),
Let's face it, I am now the proud owner of a sewing machine!!!
(Mummy Mii was shocked when she first found out my hubby bought me one :D)
Most importantly though,
I've found out that I'm not the only stitcher-holic around
and I believe I made some great new friends too!!!
So all in all, blogging rocks :D

1 Year Blog Anniversary, let's celebrate with a giveaway!!

Note this is only opened for my current followers
so please do not "advertise" this post on your blog

1/ Be an existing follower of Mii Stitch blog
2/ Have an active blog
3/ Must be a stitch-holic!!

The winner will win a brand new original chart from one of my favourite designers!!
Party Cakes from Country Cottage Needleworks
What's better than cake to celebrate??

You have nearly a month and a half to leave
a comment on this post, confirming you wish to join the fun

The lucky winner will be randomly picked & announced on the 28th June 2013!

Good luck to you all

Happy Stitching!
Mii x

Pour célébrer le premier anniversaire de mon blog Mii Stitch
j'ai décidé d'organiser un petit giveaway!

Ce dernier est exclusivement réservé à mes fans actuels,
merci de ne pas publier cette poste sur votre blog


1/ Etre déjà fan de mon blog Mii Stitch
2/ Avoir un blog actif
3/ Etre une accro de la broderie!

Laissez un commentaire sur cette poste uniquement
Tirage au sort & annonce de la gagnante le 28 juin 2013

Bonne chance à toutes!

A tout à l'heure...

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Passion des Roses Update

Small post for a tiny update on Madame La Fée, Passion des Roses
I had to unstitch a bit of the white lace stitching as I had miscounted my crosses
but here is my little progress

I bought this as a kit and I sooo wish I didn't
The fabric, as lovely as it looks and feel, is just horrendous to stitch on
I thought about using a different fabric, but I've worked on it to much to go back and start again
So I'm going to persevere!
The "brighter" months are yet to come so I should make better progress
Don't forget there is still time to enter your name for my Gorjuss giveaway,
just click here

Happy Stitching!
Mii x


Petite mise à jour toute ridicule sur le SAL with Mii
Passion des Roses de Madame la Fée
La toile de lin est très jolie mais pas l'idéal pour broder
J'ai du mal a voir les trous!!!
Bref, les beaux jours sont là, avec une clarté qui devrait m'aider pour avancer un peu
Je n'ai aucune excuse

A tout à l'heure...

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Vintage Christmas 2

Well I know, Spring is finally here and I'm working on a Christmas design!
Why not??

Last week, I've stitched a bit on 
Vintage Christmas from Country Cottage Needleworks

Here is my progress so far

I just love the charts from this company, they really are fun to stitch
I've also been using the recommended threads,
one of them being a hand over-dyed pink vari from Weeks Dye Works!
A really treat, the effect of the stockings is just perfect

Will put this project on hold for the time being
as I'm turbo stitching on Coeurs en Boites for Mummy Mii...

My next post will be about the SAL with Mii, Passion des Roses from Madame La Fée
Yes, I did managed to stitch a few crosses on this one too last week :D

Happy Stitching!
Mii x


La semaine dernière j'ai travaillé sur Vintage Christmas de chez Country Cottage Needleworks
J'adore cette compagnie!
Les grilles sont toutes aussi belles les unes que les autres!
J'ai utilisé les brins recommandés dont un vari rose de chez Weeks Dye Works
Un vrai régal! Les bottes roses en sont la preuve :)

Petite pause sur ce projet car je brodre très vite (tout du moins j'essaye)
sur une autre grille Coeurs en Boites pour un petit cadeau de fête des mères
J'espère le finir à temps!
Affaire à suivre dans un prochain message...

Dans quelques jours je vous montrerais mes tous derniers progrès
(plutot minimes) sur les SAL with Mii
Passion des Roses de chez Madame la Fée

A tout à l'heure...

Friday, 10 May 2013

Coeurs en Boites 1

Mothers Day on Sunday 26th May is approaching so fast!
- Not in UK (as it was earlier on in March) but in France!
Mummy Mii is so kind.
telling me she doesn't want anything
I've however decided to stitch her a little something.
Coeurs en Boites from the blog Carton-Marie

I've seen this one finished & framed (Beautiful work Manuela!)
and somehow felt it would be a lovely present for my mum
I've started stitching it on antique white 18 count zeigwart aida.
Monochrome green thread
I'm keeping my fingers crossed, and hope it will be finished on time for the 26th!
 Am I insane? I truly have no idea if I can finish this on time
Happy Stitching!
Mii x

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Thank you Daphne ♥ Dank je Daphne

Happy Tuesday dear blog friends!
It is a happy day for me,
I've received a little parcel from The Netherlands!!!

I went home straight after work and the school run and as soon as I opened the front door,
I could smell something nice & yummy!!
This lovely scent had filled my home,
I knew then I'd received a little envelope from Daphne ☺

Go and check Daphne's blog
She's a really talented lady who makes
the cutest ami things, crochet things & sweet stitching!

She recently announced the winners of her giveaway
I was lucky to win one of her consolation prize

So, I opened the prettily decorated envelop and found plenty of cute little things:

A a little handmade card with the kindest words

Then in a bright fushia paper envelop,
I found this adorable scented sachet!
The smell of sweet berries is quite strong but I love it!
Can you see the little windmill & tulips?
How sweet!

These lovely postcards were also part of my prize
How adorable!
My favourite one is the one on the left .
it is from the Belle & Boo collection
I love it ☺

Daphne also made this cute little crochet heart!
So pretty and scented too! (thanks to the berries sachet)

As if it wasn't enough, I also found more little cute things in a pink and gold little pouch
Ribbons, buttons (Hello Kitty!!) and other little treasures...

My two favourite were
this adorable tiny little crochet flower...

and these great little paper stars!!
How clever!

Finally Daphne kindly sent me some speciality teas
& chocolate coins with the former Queen & new King.
These will be a lovely treat this evening while I'm working on my latest cross stitch project ☺

Thank you so much Daphne for this consolation prizes
Your generosity has no end, 
I love them all ♥

Happy Stitching!
Mii x 

Sunday, 5 May 2013

On Top of the World 3

Hello dear blog friends!
I hope you are all enjoying your weekend
Well for once it is sunny here in UK
and more importantly it is a Bank Holiday weekend ☺
so no feeling blue this evening as we have got tomorrow off!

The sun is out, the house is airing and the windows are opened
Hubby has done some gardening and a lovely fresh cut grass smell is all around the house!

I've finally managed to finish my little Gorjuss girl!
It took me longer than expected,
the backstitch was horrendous and I had a little battle with it :P

 Here she is finished as a cushion!
I really hope my niece will love her
She's not really into pink colours but as this being a Gorjuss girl, I thought it was a must!
What do you think?
Don't forget my little Gorjuss ♥ Giveaway here
Happy stitching!
Mii x

Enfin, un projet terminé!!
Ma petite Gorjuss, On Top of The World,
m'a tenu occupée ces dernières semaines
Je viens tout juste de la finir en petit coussin
Qui sera, je l'espère, un cadeau d'anniversaire pour ma nièce
Adorable n'est-ce pas?
A tout à l'heure...