Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Vintage Christmas

Mid-week already?
Time is flying by when you're having fun stitching!
I'm still working away on Love Heart
and will post an update soon
So so happy,
Vintage Christmas from CCN
is now all ready to go!!!
I promise, I will finish Love Heart before starting this one :D
I love the threads from Weeks Dye Works, the colours are so pretty
Still plenty of time to enter Mii's Valentine Giveaway
Just look on the right hand side and click on the picture!
Happy Stitching!
Mii x 

Trop contente aujourd'hui
J'ai reçu tous mes bidules et Vintage Christmas est pret!!
J'ai hâte de le commencer... après avoir fini Love Heart
N'oubliez pas mon giveaway!
Cliquez sur l'image à droite pour aller directement sur
le message :)
A tout à l'heure...

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Love Heart ♥

Let's hope you are all enjoying your weekend!
Here the snow has gone ☺ and temperatures today were slightly warmer

Yesterday I went shopping to the local stash craft shop to start kitting up
Vintage Christmas from Country Cottage Needleworks
I know Christmas is gone but I really love the design & decided to work on this project asap!
I bought the classic DMC threads & ordered the fabric & threads from Weeks Dye Works & Crescent Colours online from SewAndSo
Note for some of you who have this kit: Emma's Pink is apparently discontinued & had to be replaced!

I've worked on First Snow from Haed Friday evening but I won't bore you with the pic 
It is still looking like a block of off white greyish crosses!

I have also started another of my Christmas presents
This is Love Heart design from the Historical Sampler Company

It is stitched on linen 16 count aida and only uses 6 different colours
I love it and it is an easy fun stitch, I hope to finish this one quickly
Here is my latest progress.
I've worked on the V yesterday & am hoping to finish
the E this evening,,, and maybe start on the ♥ too!

Happy Stitching!
Mii x

Le weekend se termine!!
J'espère que vous en avez bien profité!
Moi j'ai fais quelques achats en préparation de ma grille Vintage Christmas
J'ai travaillé sur Haed First Snow & aussi commencé Love Heart!
J'adore cette grille, c'est tout simple & il n'y a que 6 différentes couleurs!!
Idéal, je devrais terminer ça assez rapidement ☺

A tout à l'heure,

Friday, 25 January 2013

Petit Chat - Tralala

I hope you are all ok and ready for the weekend!

I'm so happy, today my postman has delivered all my lovely little charts from my recent shopping spree!!
Ooooh, shall I be foolish & start a new project? :D

I have a little finish today! A cute ornament
Meet "Petit Chat" from Tralala, a freebie monochrome design you can get here
I've decided to stitch mine on 14 count red aida using 2 threads of DMC Blanc
I've also used Kreinik sparkly thread for the background little dots
- Sorry, the sparkle doesn't show on my pictures! -
I've also added a little red heart shaped button and finished it off with a patchwork fabric I found in my stash
What do you think? 

I'm off to catch up on all your recent posts!

Happy Stitching!
Mii x

Mon facteur a été très gentil aujourd'hui,
il m'a livré toutes les grilles que j'ai récemment commandé en ligne!
Ca a été rapide cette fois-ci :D

Je partage avec vous un petit project que je viens de terminer
Voici "Petit Chat" de Tralala
C'est un monochrome & la grille cadeau est disponible içi
Travaillé sur toile aida rouge 14
2 brins DMC blanc
et fini avec petit bouton coeur & tissu patchwork

Bon, maintenant c'est lecture de vos blogs!
A tout à l'heure...

Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Ok, so you were all right & I admit I am a failure!
My NY resolution of "no new stash" for a year has gone out of the window and lasted a grand 23 days..
Please do not try this at home, it doesn't work :D

As you all guessed, I have been online shopping 
I totally gave in and bought some new chart and am now waiting impatiently for them to be despatched

Many thanks to Emma for kindly telling me about The Patchwork Rabbit!!
I also visited So Creastitch
These are pure Heaven!
I found so many pieces from foreign designers I could only dream about & admire on all your lovely blogs
Well, now I'll have mine...  What did I get???

La Maison Bleue from Tralala

A l'Ombre du Jasmin from Zaza Picque

Needlework Shop
Button, Button &
Vintage Christmas from Country Cottage Needlework

And Douceur de Vivre from Jardin Privé 

I am so happy!!
A bliss, this order has made my day
(After a bad early start due to the "Snow")

Happy Stitching!
Love, Mii x

Monday, 21 January 2013

Passion Des Roses & unexpected visit from Mr Frog!

I love the snow!!
Early finish at work, rugby training cancelled for my son,
This can only mean.... more stitching time!!

Ok, so I finally have a little something I can share with you all!
You are going to think, is that all Mii???
I promised you, I worked on several little things & finished them but
as I've told you before... I've got to keep quiet about it.
This so unfair though, I've finished something I am so proud of!
All I'll say is that it involved cross stitching (obviously),
sewing (yes, I did use my sewing machine! It was starting to gather dust...)
and a sweet little design from Lucie Heaton!!!!

That's it now, I'll say no more!!

Right, this week's rotation is back on my SAL Passion des Roses
(I'll work on this project every 2 weeks until it's finished
as it is a SAL & as I decided the end date will be 1st June)

M. La Grenouille (also known as Mr Frog) came to spend some time with me this weekend!!
I realised the white embroidery looking design below the word Passion
(I tried to be careful when taking picture to not have the letters A S S... :P)
was not at the right place... so I had to un-stitch that!
Slow progress as I find it difficult to count the holes on linen & there is quite a lot of confetti too

A big welcome to all the new followers, I hope you enjoy your stay with Mii!
So strange, I didn't join the Grow your blog party that was all over this weekend :)

There is still plenty of time to enter your name for my Valentine Giveaway
(if you're interested of course!)
Click here for more info

Happy Stitching to you all!
Mii x

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Close To You | Update

Apologies, I've been busy working on other litle bits and
unfortunately haven't got much to share with you!

For this week's rotation, I'm working (well kind of...) back on Close To You from Maia
Here is a little tiny update

Thank you to all of you who so far I've decided to participate to my Valentine Giveaway
I'm amazed at all the interest shown!
I truly hope the winners will enjoy their little presents :)

Thank you for stopping by, off to stitch some more x

Happy stitching!

Malheureusement très peu de progrès à partager avec vous
Je suis très occupée avec mon Giveaway!
Cette semaine, pour ma rotation, je travaille de nouveau sur Close To You
Ou tout du moins, j'essaie...
Voici une toute petite mise à jour
Un grand merci à vous tous qui vous êtes déjà inscrit pour
mon Giveaway de la St Valentin!
Quelle surprise qu'il y est autant d'intérêt!!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

♥ Mii Stitch Valentine's Giveaway ♥

Time for Mii Stitch Valentine Giveaway!
Let's spread some love for 2 of you

♥ Box A ♥

Little Button Hearts sewing kit from Buttonbag & other surprise things...

 ♥ Box B ♥

Me to You cross stitch kit Pretty In Pink (Aida 14) & more surprise goodies...

Fancy grabbing some goodness?

All you have to do is:
♥ Be a follower of Mii Stitch blog
♥ Have an active blog and
♥ Leave a comment on this post only, confirming which box you would like to win

Choose carefully as you can only enter your name for one box!

There will be 2 winners selected by random draw - One for box A & one for box B

Last entry date: 13th February 2013
The 2 winners will be announced on Valentine's Day (14th Feb)

Good luck to all of you!
Feel free to advertise this giveaway on your blog, the more the merrier

Happy Stitching!

C'est l'heure d'offrir des cadeaux!!
Je vais donner à 2 gagnants ces petits colis
Colis A contient un kit couture petit coeurs ainsi que d'autres petites surprises
Colis B contient un kit point de croix Me to You et d'autres petites choses

Ca vous tente?

♥ Devenez ami avec Mii Sitich blog
♥ Vous avez déjà un blog
♥ Laissez un message en indiquant quelle boite vous souhaitez gagner

Il y aura 2 gagnants: un pour la boite A & un pour la boite B
Gagnants choisis par tirage au sort
Le résultat sera annoncé le 14 Février, St Valentin
Attention, vous ne pouvez choisir qu'une boite!!

Friday, 11 January 2013

TUSAL 2013 | 11th January

First Tusal for 2013!!!
Should you want to join this Totally Useless Stitch A Long, please click on the pic
on the right hand side of my blog in the Tusal section, this will take you directly to Daffy Cat's blog

I've decided to change my jar this year and opted for this beautiful glass tumbler
My mum offered it to me after a summer holiday
somewhere in France & having visited a glass blower place
I love the colour, it's lilac & you can see the air bubbles :)

As this is a small glass, I will empty it after each report
(also because I don't know what to do with the ort at the end of the year,
and am not the type of girl to keep things :P)

So, you'll find threads from the Haed First Snow, my SAL Passion des Roses &
other colours from other little things I've been making but can't really talk about yet...

Happy Stitching!

C'est l'heure du Tusal pour Janvier!
Joignez le fun & cliquez sur le lien dans ma section Tusal
J'ai changé de récipient & j'ai choisi ce verre décoratif fait main offert par Maman Mii
lors de vacances en France...
Vous y trouverez quelques brins du Haed First Snow, mon SAL Passion des Roses
et d'autres couleurs pour des petites choses que j'ai faite mais que je ne peux pas encore
partager avec vous...

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New Stash?!... Not!


Guess who is a Silly Moo??? Mii of course!
What an idea to decide "no new stash this year"
(except for the Needle Show in Manchester early Feb)
and then decide to browse the net!!
Look at these beauties, I so would love to have these charts...
So not fair :(
 On an happier note, I've been busy last night working
on some little goodies for my Valentine Giveaway!!!
Sadly 2 finishes that I can't share yet :P
Happy Stitching!
Mais quelle idée j'ai eu de choisir une résolution pareille pour la nouvelle année!
C'est impossible de ne pas acheter de nouvelles grilles, kits, fils, etc lorsque l'on surf le net!!
J'ai trouvé ces 2 grilles et j'avoue que Marie-Antoinette me tente énormément :D
Je résiste à l'achat mais c'est difficile...
Bonne nouvelle, j'ai terminé 2 petites choses faites pour mon Giveaway de la Saint Valentin :)
Malheureusement pas de photo, pour garder un effet surprise

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sal with Mii (& Recipe)

Good evening Dear Blog Friends!
Have you had a lovely creative weekend?
This week's rotation see me working on my SAL
This is how it looks this evening
Apologies for the poor quality pictures, it's late & dark so
the colours don't come out as lovely as they should be

Happy Stitching!

J'espère que vous avez tous passé un agréable weekend!
Pour la rotation de cette semaine, je vais travailler sur mon SAL
Voici mes progrès
Je suis désolée pour le mauvais éclairage de mes photos...

Some of you have asked for the Galette Des Rois recipe, so here it is:

500gr puff pastry
100gr softened butter
100gr sugar
100gr ground almond
2 eggs
Vanilla extract

Prepare 2 identical bases with the pastry
Mix butter, sugar, almond, eggs & vanilla
Pour mix onto the middle of base 1
Brush side with melted butter
Place base 2 on top
Pinch sides & brush with melted butter
Place uncooked galette in fridge for minimum 1 hour
Pre-heat oven
Cook at 180°C for approx. 25mns


Recette de la Galette des Rois pour les gourmands :P
500gr de pate feuilletée
100gr de beurre ramolli
100gr de sucre en poudre
100gr d'amandes en poudre
2 oeufs
1 sachet de sucre vanillé

Abaissez la pate & préparez 2 cercles
Mélangez le beurre, sucre, amandes, oeufs & vanille
Versez la crème au milieu du premier cercle
Beurrez au pinceau les contours
Ajoutez le deuxième cercle, pincez les bords & beurrez au pinceau
Laissez reposer au réfrigérateur pendant 1 heure min.
Préchauffez four
Faire cuire à 180°C pendant 25 mins environ

Saturday, 5 January 2013

First Snow | Update

After over 2 hours, I'm up to date with all the blogging!
That's my stitching time gone down a bit :D
Below is the update on my first Haed First Snow
It takes forever but I've been enjoying it

Also, pictures of my Galette Des Rois with  my son's handmade paper crown!
We had a small slice today, and it tastes yummy :)
Wish I could share it with you all

Happy Stitching!

Petits progrès sur mon premier design Haed First Snow
Ca ne monte pas vite, il y a tellement de petites croix!
Je me suis bien amusée cette semaine avec ca :)
Aussi, photo de ma Galette Des Rois
Je confirme: elle est délicieuse :P 

Friday, 4 January 2013

Galette Des Rois

It's time for Mii to get busy in the kitchen
I'm going to make the classic French Galette des Rois
ready for the Epiphany weekend!
Galette des Rois is a frangipane (almond) stuffed yummy cake
Without being religious, the Epiphany is the day the Three Wise Men
arrive to baby Jesus bearing gifts (after following the Star)
My grandmother used to add the Wise Men  figurines to the Nativity scene only on this day
One little ornament is hidden in the cake & whoever find it
gets to be the "King" for the day, hence the crown!!
Kids love these for the crown & parents... for the cake!
Hope mine turns as tasty as this one ☺
Happy Stitching baking! 

C'est l'heure de s'aventurer dans la cuisine...
Cette année j'ai décidé de faire une galette des rois à la frangipane!
Juste à temps pour le weekend et aussi me sentant un petit peu nostalgique
Cela me rappellera la France!!

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Approaching Valentine's Day

How are you all?
I've decided today is going to be a little babbling post!
First of all, I would like to apologise for my recent constent change in template design
It must have been driving you crazy! I know it did drive me crazy
Well, let's just say I couldn't really make up my mind with all the choice available out there...
Moreover, I wanted something that is me, reflecting my personality!
So, here is the final latest one. I promise I won't change it anymore for this year :)
Source: Various online sites
Now that Christmas and the end of year festivities are out the way,
do you realise it is only 40 odd days until Valentine's Day??
This means it's only a few days until Mii's Valentine Giveway!!
Yeah!! I will be posting the "official" page on the 14th January,
sharing with you most of the goodies you can win.
The draw will take place on Valentine's Day 14th February...
A little tease... What is the lucky winner will win???
A craft little kit, a cross stitch kit, bibs and bobs and a few items made by Mii!!
Come back in a few days for more info :)
Let's spread some love
Happy Stitching!
Tout d'abord toutes mes excuses pour avoir récemment
changé le design de mon blog à plusieurs reprises!!
Il y a beaucoup trop de choix et je n'arrive pas à me décider...
Voici le dernier, et je reste sur celui-ci, promis!
La Saint Valentin approche à grands pas, revenez le 14 Janvier et
vous pourrez découvrir toutes les petites choses bien jolies
que je vais offrir à l'un d'entre vous par tirage au sort le 14 Février!
Entre autre, il y aura un kit craft, un kit point de croix, tout
pleins de bidules et aussi quelques travaux faits par Mii :)

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Haed | First Snow

Happy New Year to all of you kindly reading my blog
Any New Year Resolutions? For me it will be the usual:
Watch my weight and... A new one for this year: not buy any stash...
(For the exception of the Needlecraft Show in Manchester next month :P)

I have received my first Haed design at Christmas!
Of course it is now part of my WIP rotation!!
As you can see, I have already started stitching it on white Aida 18
These are just the first 2 or 3 boxes on the 1st page... It should be fun!

I'll post an update at the weekend

Happy Stitching!

Bonne et Heureuse Année 2013!
Le Père Noël a été très généreux cette année et m'a offert mon premier Haed!
Je l'ai déjà commencé sur toile Aida blanche 18
Je posterais une petite mise à jour ce weekend
Bonne semaine!