Friday, 30 November 2012

Sweet Treats | Sal

The weekend is on its way,
which means more stitching time!
On this coming week's rotation, I will be working on
the last of my gingerbread men for the Sweet Treats SAL
I'm quite sad this is the last one  as I have really enjoyed this SAL
More post to come about this week's work
Stay tuned :)
Off for a bit of late night Christmas shopping later one
Hope it won't be too crowded...
| Happy Stitching ! |
Le weekend approche!!
Pour moi, ca veut dire:
plus de temps pour faire des petites croix!!
Pour ma rotation de la semaine à venir,
je vais travailler sur mon dernier petit bonhomme en pain d'épices
pour le SAL Sweet Treats
Quel dommage que c'est mon dernier,
j'ai vraiment adoré travailler sur ceux-ci!!
Demain, un autre petit message sur ce
qui m'a tenu occupé cette semaine,
restez branché :)
Pour l'instant, shopping de Noël.
J'espère qu'il n'y aura pas trop de monde...

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

DMC freebies

Feeling sooo sociable today!
Sharing with you these 2 DMC charts!
For the old fashioned sampler, click here to download your chart
And for this cute Santa alphabet, click here

| Happy Stitching ! |
Je partage avec vous ces 2 grilles DMC!
Utilisez les liens ci-dessus pour imprimer vos grilles :)

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Haed update!

A quick little post about my Haed wonder..
Yes, I have listened to all your great advices & gone for it!!!
So, I now have the Out For a Stroll chart
- Bargain price! -
And I have just ordered the fabric & the threads
- Ouch, my bank account is suffering :)
I think DH will have a heart attack!! -
Now waiting for the stash to be delivered &
wrapped for Christmas!!
Had a quick look at the chart & it doesn't look to scary :D
Can't wait to get started (after Christmas, of course!)
I think I'm going to be hooked on this design for a little while

Cela aura été une décision rapide!
Merci pour tous vos conseils...
J'ai commandé ma grille,
ma toile de lin & mes fils
J'attends la livraison pour les envelopper pour Noël!
J'ai hâte d'ouvrir (et de commencer) ce design :)

| Happy Stitching! |

Monday, 26 November 2012

To stitch HAED design or not?


Out For a Stroll

I need your help dear Friends!!!
I have been browsing on the HAED website for quite some time now
and I really really REALLY like the Out for a Stroll design
I have heard of HAED  & seen all your lovely work
but I've noticed it's usually FULL of confetti...
So, I'm thinking of adding this chart to my
Christmas list for my DH to order
but am worried it will be too difficult to stitch!!
Any advice on HAED would be appreciated & would help
make up my mind as to go for it or not
I had a look at the floss list, it's obviously mainly blues & blacks
So it looks like I don't have to stitch on a black fabric
(which is good news for me...)
Also, there are plenty of 0 against half, petite, beads, etc...
Does that means it's only full stitch??
Finally, do we must use the parking method?
I've never used it & am feeling baffled with all these threads left around

Je voudrais ajouter cette grille de chez Haed sur ma liste de Noël!
Que faire?
Des petits conseils à propos de Haed seraient les bienvenus :)
| Happy Stitching! |

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Simple Treasures | Update

Again, today was supposed to be a strictly stitching day
Again, I ended up dealing with other things...
For example, baking Madeleines!!
These are for my DS rugby club
All parents have been kindly asked to bring some cakes
in order to raise money for the club
So, here are mine, ready for tomorrow morning...
I might keep just a few for us :)

I've worked on Simple Treasures for 2 weeks
and here is how it looks now
I'm pleased to say that starfish is mainly done (too much confetti!)
and I've started to venture further afield

Thank you again for all your lovely comments
and a big welcome to my latest followers!
Glad you've decided to stay with Mii
Keep those fingers busy!
I'm off the stitch on my next rotation...
The long dated UFO Swiss Cottage for my mum :)

Encore une journée bien chargée!
J'ai préparé quelques Madeleines pour le club de rugby de mon garcon
Tous les gateaux seront vendus pour remplir la caisse du club!
Aussi, mes derniers progrès sur Simple Treasures
Cette étoile de mer est bien jolie, mais était aussi pleine de confetti!!
Maintenant, je vais attaquer Swiss Cottage, que ma 
maman attend depuis bien longtemps!!

| Happy Stitching! |

Friday, 23 November 2012

Yep,,, another one :P

Would it be the weekend starting already!

This past week I've worked a bit more on Simple Treasures
An update post will follow

I've also done an other biscornu!
This is the last one for a little while, promise!!!
I had to use that red fabric with a free pattern from the web

I also thought of some of you in the US who follow the British Soap
Coronation Street
An insurance company called Compare the Market
is now sponsoring the program...
For a few years now, Meerkats have their own version
called Compare the Meerkat...
It is just a fun way to remember this insurance company
Anyway, throughout the years, little stories have happened to these Meerkats,
the latest is their band playing the tune of Coronation Street!!!
It's cute, I thought I'd share it with you all Corrie fans
Have a look at The Meerkat Band

Ca y est, le week end est là!!
Je partage avec vous encore un autre petit biscornu
Je vais faire une petite pause avec ceux-ci
A venir, une petite mise à jour sur Simple Treasures
Pour les accros de Coronation Street, voir le lien ci-dessus!!!

| Happy Stitching! |

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Biscornu... again!

This week's rotation was on Simple Treasure
There is no picture as I have not progressed much
.... I kind of got distracted while working on an other biscornu!
So, I've decided to work on Simple Treasure all this coming week

Top view

Bottom view
I've been browsing on the Papillon Créations website,
(there are quite a lot of things I'd love to buy!!)
and found they have a free chart section.
I've noticed this Tiny Little Quaker chart & decided to make it as a biscornu
Another little ornie for my Christmas tree!
What do you think?

| Happy Stitching! |

Cette semaine j'étais supposée travailler sur Simple Treasure
mais après un petit tour sur le site de Papillon Créations,
j'ai vite tourné mon attention sur la grille gratuite de Tiny Little Quaker!
Voici le résultat en biscornu, qu'en pensez-vous?
Une déco de plus pour mon sapin!

Saturday, 17 November 2012

New stash

We planned a little shopping trip on Thursday evening.
Well, it wasn't really a "trip" as it is just a 5 minutes drives from where we live...
It was the opening of a new craft shop from a chain company
I had a look at their stitching/sewing stuff & I must admit
I was a bit disappointed with the cross stitch kits selection
Sadly too many "mass produced" famous brands to my liking!
Since I've discovered all these fabulous French designers,
I'm getting quite hooked & my tastes are changing...
I also looked for a cute pair of scissors...
(Yes, thanks to you all, I now know there is a scissor world out there :D)
Again, mass produced notexcitingprettyscissors available!
Still, I didn't get home empty handed!!!

I bought a red stitching fabric
(Aida, as evenweave was only available in white) for more Christmassy biscornu!!
(You know I'm hooked on these)
I also got some beautiful multicoloured pearl cottons from Anchor
- 1335 & 1375 - I can't wait to use them!

I also got a very practical LED clip on bright light!!!
I could have found a lot more stash to buy but I thought I'd be reasonable...
I even used a £5 voucher too, so DH was happy!!
Only problem, DS saw plenty of crafty things he would love to get for Christmas...

| Happy Stitching! |
Après une récente visite chez Hobby Craft,
je suis rentrée avec quelques petits achats:
Cotton perle de chez Anchor N° 1335 & 1375
Toile Aida rouge
& une petite lampe LED bien pratique!!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Liebster Award

I have been awarded the Liebster Award
from Valma at Fée le Point!!
Thank you!
This is such a nice feeling to know that
someone enjoy reading my little blog ☺

Now, it is my understanding this Liebster Award is a travelling one,
and doesn't just stop with Mii!!
I had to choose 5 blogs with less than 200 followers,
informed my friends they have received this pinky award
and then it's up to these 5 friends to say
they've received their award & choose their 5 blogs...

Right, so here are my 5 blogs:
1/ Sarah at Sarah in Stitches
Just love your current American flags project!!
2/ Jenny at JennyPennyPoppy
Just love all your colourful lovely creations (the owls are so sweet!)
3/Jules at A Stitch in Time with Jules
She always has lovely posts & I Looove her Christmas project...
4/ Krista at Just Stitching Along
Lovely posts full of great pictures!!
5/ Agnès at Blog de Zouzousse
This is my auntie & she makes the cutest cards ever!
This is not a cross stitch related blog
But I know she is a
 really talented stitcher! ♥

Valérie à Fée le Point m'a remis le Liebster Award!!
Quel honneur!!
Maintenant à mon tour de partager cet Award...
Vous devez avoir moins de 200 amis,
Informer vos 5 amis choisis
qui eux aussi feront de même!!
1/ Sarah à Sarah in Stitches
2/ Jenny à JennyPennyPoppy
3/ Jules à A Stitch in Time with Jules
4/ Krista à Just Stitching Along
5/ Agnès au Blod de Zouzousse
| Happy Stitching! |


Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Tusal | November 2012

Tusal jar for this month
It's finally getting full!
Soon will have to empty it...
2 days to go before the opening of my local stash shop!!
Can't wait to go and have a little look around
Might even do a bit of shopping, who knows???

| Happy Stitching! |

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Mimi the Kitten | Update

For this week's rotation I worked on Mimi the Kitten
The lovely design from Helz Cuppleditch
I'm pleased with my progress this week!
Next time I'll focus on the cat
I'm really hoping to finish this soon as I
want to use it to make a cushion!!
The fabric is waiting for me...
Next week's project is Simple Treasures, so I'm off
stitching plenty of little crosses
Have a lovely Sunday afternoon!

Cette semaine j'ai travaillé sur Mimi,
le superbe design d'Helz Cuppleditch!!
Je trouve que j'ai bien avancé et la prochaine
fois j'essayerais de terminer ce petit chaton!!
Bon weekend à tous!

| Happy Stitching! |

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Christmas biscornu

I've had a bit of spare time and decided to do a quick biscornu
- Yes, I'm kind of getting hooked on these cute things! -
A lovely Christmassy biscornu for wich I found
the pattern on My Crafty World
 I decided to finish it with some of the charms I've received
earlier this week (little Christmas bells)
I decided to attach a ribbon & will
find a place for it in our Christmas Tree!

| Happy Stitching! |

J'avais un petit peu de temps libre cette semaine,
j'en ai donc profité pour faire un petit biscornu... de Noël!!
Je l'ai terminé avec des petites cloches ainsi qu'un ruban
Il va falloir lui trouver une petite place dans notre sapin ☺

Friday, 9 November 2012

Passion des Roses

I've ordered the "Passion des Roses" kit last weekend and
I'm so happy, it has finally arrived in my letterbox!
I know this is one of my Christmas presents,
and I won't start it until after Christmas
but I really couldn't resist to have a little look!!
Packaging & little notes were really sweet and
I've also been given a cute little charm... in English, please!!

Apologies for the poor quality pictures but it's dark outside so
my camera uses the flash and everything has a "yellow look"

I am so looking forward to start that one
Although, I think by the time I finish it
I will be sick of stitching on pinks & greens
So, no pressure to get this finished by June 2013...

I'm soo glad I've discovered Madame la Fée,
they really have fab designs & I will definitely order more stuff in the future ☺

Ca y est!!
J'ai reçu aujourd'hui mon kit 
"Passion des Roses" de chez Madame La Fée!!!
Superbe... avec un petit cadeau ☺
Etant un de mes cadeaux de Noël,
je ne peux pas le commencer avant le 25 décembre...
Mon mari l'a pris & l'a déja enveloppé!!!

| Happy Stitching! |

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

My little gifts!!!

I have been so lucky!!
I've left a little comment on Kerry's blog Ramblings of a Biscornu Addict
and found out I was the person who left her 500th comment and
won a little something...
I've just received my little goodies today

Aren't they cute??
A little pouch full of ribbons, buttons & charms
And the best ever little notebook with its own handmade cover!!
Thank you sooo much Kerry for your kindness,
I truly love your presents

Quelle chance!!
Je suis l'heureuse gagnante, après avoir laissé le 500eme commentaire
sur le blog de Kerry, Ramblings of a Biscornu Addict!!!
J'ai recu un petit sac plein de charmes, rubans & boutons
Ainsi qu'un petit carnet avec une pochette faite maison!!
N'est-ce pas adorable??
Un grand merci à Kerry ☺

| Happy Stitching! |

Sunday, 4 November 2012

We have a winner...

I've opted to use a number generator this time and
the lucky winner of the Christmas magazine giveaway Deux is
..... Rosey175 with her blog Ishkabibble....
Thank you again to all of you who kindly participated in this giveaway.
Next present time from Mii will be in February 2013 for Valentine ♥
Rosey please email me your details so that your little parcel 
can reach you without delay
My email is in my profile

C'est l'heure d'annoncer le résultat du tirage au sort.
La gagnante est Rosey175 avec son blog Ishkabibble...
Mon prochain cadeau sera en Février 2013 pour la Saint-Valentin

| Happy Stitching! |

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Close to you | Update

On my rotation this week, I planned to work on Close to you
Sadly as I was still trying to get rid of a cold
I hardly got any stitching done!
This is my little progress...

I managed to stitch a little gingerbread man for a Christmas card...
Although he looks as bad as I felt and is a far cry from the SAL ones!!
(Especially with a blurry picture, so sorry)
I leave him on a smaller size to try to hide the bluryness...

Don't forget to check my blog again tomorrow,
I will announce the winner of my giveaway deux!

Cette semaine j'ai travaillé sur Close to you.
Etant toujours malade, mes progrès sont minimes!
J'ai terminé un autre petit bonhomme en pain d'épices pour une carte de voeux
La photo est un peu flou, milles excuses!!!
N'oubliez pas de revenir demain, le gagnant du magasine sera annoncé!

| Happy Stitching! |