Saturday, 27 August 2016

I can drive a stick - Lizzie Kate

Hello Peeps!
A small finish I can share with you all
This is a cute snippet from my favourite designer
I can drive a stick
My model was stitched on
Sew It All 16 count aida fabric
Wolf colour
The fibre used this time is
 ThreadWorx 1080
2 over 1
Started on the 19 August 2016
Finished on the 20 August 2016

Sorry the finishing bug is still away on a break...
but at least the stitching bug is back on track!


Saturday, 20 August 2016

French Country Owl - JBW Designs

Hello Peeps!

The summer holiday season seems to have made
my little stitching bug go on a break!

I do have however a small finish to share with you.
It appears I have skipped summer theme pattern in its entirety and
gone straight for my favourite autumn season!

This is French Country Owl
From JBW Designs

A sweet nothing stitched on 16 count Aida fabric
Sand Dune colour from Sew It All

My model was worked with charted DMC fibres 2 over 1.

Started on the 18th Aug and finished on the 19th Aug.

Best not mention the finishing bug... it has gone awol too for now :)


Saturday, 30 July 2016

Blue Eyes | Kustom Krafts Inc | End of July Update

Good afternoon Peeps!
I am back with my last update on the
Just One July challenge

A little reminder of the project I have been working on

At the beginning of July,

Mid month,
with a first page finish

And now at the end of the challenge
with another page finish!

I am extremely pleased with my progress!
Only 7 pages left to go...

This has been fun but
I am now glad to move on to a smaller and more colourful design.

Time for my beautiful tiger to go away for a little while.


Saturday, 16 July 2016

Blue Eyes - Kustom Krafts Inc. | July 2016 Update

Hello Peeps!
Time for my mid-month update on the
Just One July challenge set up by Justine

A quick reminder
This is what the finished design should look like


This is where I was when I started the challenge


And this is where I am now, half way through the challenge


I am extremely happy with my progress,
as you can see, I have managed to finish a whole page!


I have also spent a little of my free time
to make my first ever q-snap cover!
I wanted one of those for ages but
found them expensive to buy for what they actually are..
So I have dusted off my sewing machine,
followed this tutorial and voila!

My first of three :)
This one is for my 11".
I plan on making one for my 9" and 6"

Very easy to make and more importantly,
no need for a Sewing Machine PHD!

It was fun to actually make something that will definitely be used and come in handy.


Friday, 1 July 2016

Blue Eyes - Kustom Krafts Inc.

After the great success of "Faithful April"
I finished Close To You
- Now back from the framer and ready to be gifted to my mum -

I have decided to tag along Justine's latest challenge "Just One July"
I will be stitching away on
Blue Eyes

Stitched on 16 count white Aida fabric from Sew It All
Full crosses, 2 over 1
28 DMC threads

Started on the 25 June 2016

Here is how I left it yesterday evening.

I know it doesn't look like much at the moment.
I am currently working on the tiger's muzzle,
as I have started from the middle of the design.

I will be back mid month for an update.
Wishing everyone who takes part in the Just One July challenge
the best stitch-tastic time!